passing arguments to MRRunner job

Oct 23, 2013 at 9:51 AM
if I run the following command:
mrlib\mrrunner -dll myClass.exe -class Count.CountJob -- /lineas /salida

where /lineas and /salida are the InputPath and the OutputForder arguments for the Job, I get this error:
ERROR: Error during job execution: Constructor on type 'Count.CountJob' not found.

If I remove the arguments and "hardcode" the arguments in the HadoopJobConfiguration, all works correctly.

Could be that MRRunner does not support passing arguments to the jobs?

the documentation seems clear, but aparently is not working:

MRRunner.exe -dll DllPath [-class ClassName] [-- job_args]
job-args: all args after -- are passed to M/R job via ExecutionContext.Arguments

Thank you,