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  • The theme of the release is adding first class support for remote Hadoop clusters and Azure HDInsight service in particular
  • Added WebHCat Client
    • .Net client library to submit jobs and execute them on local and remote Hadoop clusters
  • Updated WebHDFS Client
    • It now supports BlobStorageAdapter to work with files in ASV file system of Azure HDInsight service in addition to working with files in HDFS file system
    • WebHDFSClient namespace was moved into Microsoft.Hadoop.WebClient namespace
  • Updated LINQ to Hive
    • It no longer uses ODBC driver. Now it is integrated with WebHCat and WebHDFS clients that directly talk to Hadoop web services to submit Hive jobs and retrieve result sets
  • Updated .Net Map/Reduce
    • Added support of execution on both local and remote Hadoop clusters
    • Added integrated library to access HDFS and ASV file systems
  • New samples and unit tests to cover new and updated functionality

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